How did we get the 40-hour work week?

Big Government advocates often claim that we have government to thank for our modern 40-hour work week. In the bad old days, businesses forced employees to work super long hours, but then benevolent government stepped in and forced all businesses to limit the work week to 40 hours. How much of that is true? Let’s … Continue reading How did we get the 40-hour work week?


US not the beacon of freedom you think

Historically, the US has been known as a beacon of freedom. Unfortunately, that reputation has become tarnished over the past ten to fifteen years. I’m referring to economic freedom, not political freedom. Economic freedom means that each person is free to work, produce, consume, and invest as they wish. This involves personal choice, voluntary buying … Continue reading US not the beacon of freedom you think

Is 3% Growth Possible?

The growth rate of the US economy has been in the news recently, for a couple reasons. First, economic growth in recent years has been lower than the historical average of roughly 3%. This has led some people to predict low growth as the new normal. Second, the budget released last week by the Trump […]