Growing nanny-state food control

Last month, the UK government published the outline of a plan intended to address childhood obesity, as discussed in this CapX article by Christopher Snowdon. A summary of the actual proposal can be found here. Looks like another example of nanny-state government. What’s being proposed? Here is a summary of actual and proposed government actions: Sugar reduction: … Continue reading Growing nanny-state food control


Laws against low prices?!

Here’s a quote from a January 27th Wall Street Journal article : “Are low prices putting your family at risk? Believe it or not, some regulators seem to think so. Twenty-six U.S. states still have a “minimum markup” law, a relic of Depression-era economics that prevents businesses from charging less.” We have laws against low prices? … Continue reading Laws against low prices?!

Democrats Should Fear Big Government

Libertarians and Republicans are typically more distrustful of government than Democrats. However, recent events may be making Democrats think twice. Since the 2016 election, many Democrats have bemoaned the power that President Trump has wielded or will wield. Welcome to the party, my lefty friends. Distrust of government is a longstanding and healthy characteristic of … Continue reading Democrats Should Fear Big Government