Which way will China go?

(I'm posting this on Tuesday instead of the usual Thursday because of the Thanksgiving holiday. Happy Thanksgiving to all my American readers!)  In recent decades, the Chinese government has allowed its citizens to keep more of their economic freedom. As a result, China posted excellent economic growth and greatly reduced poverty. However, more recent signs … Continue reading Which way will China go?


Lose weight or you’re denied surgery?

Over the past week or two, a few random threats to freedom have caught my eye. Nothing as alarming as purges or labor camps, but still threats to freedom. Freedom can be undermined by threats both big and small. Smaller threats are often less clear and obvious, but they’re still threats. The UK’s NHS Our … Continue reading Lose weight or you’re denied surgery?

US not the beacon of freedom you think

Historically, the US has been known as a beacon of freedom. Unfortunately, that reputation has become tarnished over the past ten to fifteen years. I’m referring to economic freedom, not political freedom. Economic freedom means that each person is free to work, produce, consume, and invest as they wish. This involves personal choice, voluntary buying … Continue reading US not the beacon of freedom you think

I know nothing

OK, stop laughing. I just want to clarify that although I am a know-it-all smarty-pants when I praise free-market capitalism or criticize Big Government, that only applies to overarching principles. I do not claim to know the specific paths that others should follow in their economic lives. I don’t know which jobs and careers people … Continue reading I know nothing

Competition is a Close Shave

Economic freedom is the heart of free-market capitalism. Freedom and competition are significant reasons why capitalism provides greater prosperity. An April 5th Wall Street Journal article (Gillette, in Change, Shaves Prices by Sharon Terlep) provides an opportunity to discuss competition. The article describes Gillette’s situation as follows: “Gillette, which dominates the global razor business, has … Continue reading Competition is a Close Shave