Illustrating the power of growth

I have mentioned a couple times that economic growth is very important. But it’s easy to hear a message like that and think, “yeah, yeah, growth is important, got it,” without it truly registering. This is a crucial concept for achieving prosperity, so let me try to make it more tangible. Without the solid growth … Continue reading Illustrating the power of growth


Crazy example of banks twisting the rules

One reason that people support larger government is because they assume government rules and programs will accomplish their stated goals. However, this rosy view is often not supported by reality. Let’s look at an interesting example that was in the news recently. The background A May 19th Wall Street Journal article points out that certain ritzy … Continue reading Crazy example of banks twisting the rules

Has unemployment dropped enough since the Great Recession?

US unemployment shot up sharply during the Great Recession of 2008-2009. Since then, it has dropped back to more normal levels. Is unemployment now low enough? Let’s look at some facts. Multiple unemployment metrics The unemployment rate is defined as the percentage of the overall labor force that is jobless. Simple enough, right? Not really. … Continue reading Has unemployment dropped enough since the Great Recession?

Is 3% Growth Possible?

The growth rate of the US economy has been in the news recently, for a couple reasons. First, economic growth in recent years has been lower than the historical average of roughly 3%. This has led some people to predict low growth as the new normal. Second, the budget released last week by the Trump […]