About Me


Hello. My name is John Michael Wagner. Why the Michael, you ask? Because John Wagner is a really common name!

Why should you read my blog? You might find it interesting and helpful if…

  • You’re not really sure if capitalism is good or bad and you’re looking for some answers from a source that is fair.
  • You believe capitalism is beneficial but want a better understanding of the reasons why.
  • You want to see some commentary on economic, political, and governmental current events from a source biased in favor of capitalism, but that is also fair and accurate.

Basically, this blog is for you if you like incredibly wise and pithy analysis and insight. OK, just kidding. Mostly.

You should know that I am biased. I have come to strongly believe that free-market capitalism leads to widely shared prosperity and that Big Government harms prosperity. But I am also fair and honest. It’s important to me. I also believe that principles and policies are more important than political parties.

Still, why should you listen to me? I think I’m well-suited to discuss these topics because my background is a good blend of business experience, economics knowledge, and international exposure. I worked over a quarter century in the corporate world, most recently as a financial executive for a Fortune 500 manufacturer; I have read extensively on the topics of economics, capitalism, and government; and I lived in Southeast Asia for a number of years and have traveled to many other countries. For what it’s worth, I also have a masters degree in business.

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