Why government-guaranteed jobs are a bad idea

In the past couple months, people have been promoting the idea that government should provide guaranteed jobs. Let’s explore why this is a bad idea. What is happening The general idea is that government would provide a guaranteed job to anyone “who wants or needs one.” The number of jobs would probably be in the … Continue reading Why government-guaranteed jobs are a bad idea


A license to… shampoo?

Some occupations require people to obtain a license before they can work in that profession. Is this good for society? Let’s take a look. What is occupational licensing? An occupational license represents government permission to work in a certain profession. In some cases, permission is granted by a separate, government-approved body. Licensing laws vary, but … Continue reading A license to… shampoo?

US not the beacon of freedom you think

Historically, the US has been known as a beacon of freedom. Unfortunately, that reputation has become tarnished over the past ten to fifteen years. I’m referring to economic freedom, not political freedom. Economic freedom means that each person is free to work, produce, consume, and invest as they wish. This involves personal choice, voluntary buying … Continue reading US not the beacon of freedom you think