Tax reform goals

Congress is talking about tax reform. Hopefully something will get done. The US tax code is overly complicated and discourages growth. This post will lay out some rough goals for tax reform, with a few details on how to achieve the goals. It’s aimed at the US tax code, but some principles apply anywhere. The … Continue reading Tax reform goals


Illustrating the power of growth

I have mentioned a couple times that economic growth is very important. But it’s easy to hear a message like that and think, “yeah, yeah, growth is important, got it,” without it truly registering. This is a crucial concept for achieving prosperity, so let me try to make it more tangible. Without the solid growth … Continue reading Illustrating the power of growth

I know nothing

OK, stop laughing. I just want to clarify that although I am a know-it-all smarty-pants when I praise free-market capitalism or criticize Big Government, that only applies to overarching principles. I do not claim to know the specific paths that others should follow in their economic lives. I don’t know which jobs and careers people … Continue reading I know nothing