Insurers gaming Medicare?

Earlier this year, a Wall Street Journal article described how insurance companies appear to be gaming the Medicare system to get more money from the federal government. Insurers allegedly shuffle customers between Medicare plans in a way that increases the bonus payments they receive from Medicare. Background The Medicare bonus system in question was created by … Continue reading Insurers gaming Medicare?


Another reason why focusing on inequality is flawed

I want to tie together two recent posts on the history of prosperity and economic inequality. The history of prosperity illustrates another reason why a focus on inequality is misguided. Historical norm was poverty For most of human history, almost everyone was poor by today’s standards. The graph below shows the percentage of world population living … Continue reading Another reason why focusing on inequality is flawed

Growing nanny-state food control

Last month, the UK government published the outline of a plan intended to address childhood obesity, as discussed in this CapX article by Christopher Snowdon. A summary of the actual proposal can be found here. Looks like another example of nanny-state government. What’s being proposed? Here is a summary of actual and proposed government actions: Sugar reduction: … Continue reading Growing nanny-state food control